To join the competitive market, many laptop manufacturers attempt to design more improved laptop both in design and specification. The unique and attractive design carried by Dell Adamo XPS is shown through its special way in unfolding itself. To open this laptop, you should draw one finger across the touch sensor you can find on the front of the laptop, this way the laptop will open electronically. Surely, this is sort of the new design you rarely found in common laptops.

Although the unique design above brings special attractiveness for many users, this design unfortunately has two significant fallbacks. Firstly, the laptop battery may run out quicker because this automatic unfold uses more energy. Secondly, you may face problem to close or open the machine manually when it is out of power unless you recharge the battery to gain power to allow the basic function of opening and closing automatic technique to work again. Also, you must think about one thing that you cannot make sure whether this kind of electronic opening and closing technique will survive for a long-term use or not.

But, the good thing about Dell XPS is that it boots faster than many laptop with only 30 seconds of booting loading time. The laptop takes 1.4 GHz Intel Core Duo onboard and a 1.3MP built-in webcam that will support you whenever you are using Skype. The additional software included in the package are Phoenix Failsafe theft, Dell QuickSet, Sensible Face Recognition Access Fast, and Skyhook software, and also the valuable protection software which is McAfee Security Center that comes in a 15-month trial.

Apart from the cool features above, Dell XPS unfortunately gives you some drawbacks. According to its company, Dell XPS’s battery gives 5 hours 17 minutes lifetime, but in fact the battery life empowers the machine only for 3 hours 20 minutes, this is really disappointing. Also, the graphics installed is really poor because it works slower. You will not find it slow when you open an e-mail, word processing, photo editing chirps, Facebook, or web browsing, but you shouldn’t hope too much for the laptop to run fast when you play the game of World of Warcraft because this is not gaming laptop talked about here.

However, Dell Adamo XPS looks marvelous when you let it stand on your working desk. The1366 x 768 pixels screen is enabled to tilt back 25 degrees and it displays sufficient clearance and brightness. Surprisingly, the keyboard gives you convenient use for it has large space and responsive keys. Also, Dell Adamo XPS’s thin design comes with comfortable use of keyboard because the design let air flows freely underneath the keyboard.


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