’ve been looking for a great solution to protect my iPod in a way where if I drop it, I won’t have to worry about it getting broken. I think I’ve found that solution with the iPodkitz case. First of all, the iPodkitz is made from leather and looks surprisingly familiar to the Vaja iPod cases. The first thing you see when you receive the iPodkitz case is, an elegant white tin can containing the case, a belt clip, a retractable USB cable for your iPod, and a belt clip attachment as well as a cable organizer.

The quality of the case is very nice, with a high-quality leather material and the inside lining made of a red felt. When you slip your iPod into the case, a thin plastic cover built into the case, leaving scratches left behind, protects your screen. The click wheel cutout on the front of the case is precisely cut to fit the iPod’s click-wheel. You cannot use this case in the iPod dock, which means you will have to use the included retractable iPod USB cable or use your iPod’s Firewire cable.

Now, I find the cable organizer very useful. You wrap your ear buds or headphones cord around the cable organizer, and your done! It’s great so you don’t have a long cable tangled or twisted in your pocket. The overall protection of this case is great, I no longer have to worry about my iPod getting damaged.

To attach the belt clip to the case, you simply just screw the back of the clip on, and attach the belt clip piece to the attachment on the case. The only gripe I have about this is that there are no ‘clicks’ when you rotate the case, so your iPod will rotate around with no control. What I like about the design of the case is that the top of the case is left open to attach an accessory such as the iTrip to the iPod.

With the iPodkitz’s similarity to the iVod by Vaja, overall, this case provides a solid protection for your iPod while showing it off in style. The iPodkitz retails at a good price point for $39 dollars.


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