We live in a modern world with immerging technologies which have opened new horizons towards job market.  Although there are wide range of jobs available in the market the competition to get jobs that pay well is very high. When applying and selecting a profession job seekers main interest is to enroll on jobs that pay well. It is the utmost priority of many students when selecting their higher education towards career development.

According to the sector of the profession and demographics the average salary differs significantly each year. How do we define a “Job that pays well”? Although there are no definite or clear cut strategies to measure how the job pays well, we can assume if the average salary is higher than $100,000 it is a job that pays well.

Most jobs offers salaries higher than $100,000 will require proper higher education which includes minimum of a Bachelors degree. Let’s find out Jobs that pays well which requires a Degree.

Sales Manager

Sales managers are the pillars of the sales team in a distribution or consumer company. Sales managers have a team to carry out the duties assigned by the head of the department. The job of the sales manager has a major role in the growth of the company. Sales managers set demographics, goals and target for his team. Job of the sales manager requires a minimum qualification of Bachelors’ degree and should possess communication and leadership skills. Sales manager’s average salary is approximately $120,000. Sales manager’s job is in the league of jobs that pays well.


Prosthodontists are specialists who are responsible for dental procedures to replace teeth and improve your oral condition. Being a Prosthodontist requires specialization after Medicinal degree; most Prosthodontists have Doctorates and have specialized in their field. Prosthodontists earn more than $185,000 as an average salary. Prosthodontists job is in the league of jobs that pays well.

Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Obstetricians and gynecologists are the pillars of the society; with their help life blossoms in to newborns. Obstetricians and gynecologists are responsible for women’s wellbeing during pregnancy and child birth. It is a high in demand job with higher educational skills and the unemployment rate is very low. Obstetricians and gynecologists earn average of $200,000 and it’s in the list of jobs that pays well.

Petroleum Engineer

To become a Petroleum Engineer you need a minimum of an Engineering degree. Petroleum engineers help to design plans and equipment to build oil extracting mechanisms for oil reservoirs. This is a specialized job which requires education and experience. Petroleum Engineers average salary is approximately $132,000. It is in the list of jobs that’s pays well.

IT Manager

An information technology manager is a job high in demand with the revelation of computer technology. IT managers look after the overall computer system in a company and they have specific teams for guidance. To become an IT manager applicant must be qualified in Information technology and should have relevant experience.  It managers can earn approximately $130,000 as average salary.

In this article we have discussed jobs that pay well and if you are looking for a job for jobs that pays well without educational qualifications you can always depend on Online jobs as well as consider becoming an entrepreneur.



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