I decided I’d follow up the V450 review with a mouse I’ve had a bit longer but use for my home laptop, the Logitech V270 Bluetooth.

The V270 looks a lot like some of Logitech’s earlier wireless notebook mice. It is almost a dead-ringer for the earlier “Logitech Wireless Notebook Mouse” that debuted several years ago. The difference is that this model uses Bluetooth and has a new color scheme, other than that they are identical in operation (as far as I can tell) and looks.

The V270 Bluetooth, for those unfamiliar with this style of Logtech notebook mouse, is larger than the V450 model, but much easier to hold. The mouse is neither right nor left-handed, and is very comfortable.

The mouse uses 2 AA batteries. It has an ON-OFF switch on the underside, which is vital for battery saving.

I use the V270 with my MacBook. Setup and configuration are nearly automatic with the Mac’s Bluetooth setup program.

This is a pretty simple mouse, simple setup, and no extra receiver sticking out of your laptop’s USB ports to snag on. I’m happy.

+ True cordless, Bluetooth
+ Comfortable for larger hands

– Not as good tracking as Laser
– Less compatible than RF notebook mice
– Presumably less battery life than RF notebook mice


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