one of the leading manufacturers on earth, Panasonic seems never stop the innovation to design camcorders with more improved ability and features. One to mention is SDR-H85K that comes with great deals.

Specifically, Panasonic SDR-H85K Camcorder is designed to provide you marvelous features. Firstly, it offers you a 78x optical zoom, even though it seems so unusual but you can opt for the 3500x digital zoom as another option. Moreover, other features presented are the common ones you can find in many Panasonic’s camcorders, such as the Advanced optical Image Stabilization systems, the IA mode that helps you to adjust the setting based on the surrounding conditions, a wide range of white balance modes, the enhanced feature that allows you to take still picture during the video recording, and the stereo and zoom microphones.

More significantly, the great addition is an 80 GB hard drive that is taken onboard and it comes with compatibility with Secure Digital memory cards. Additionally, you can find a USB port to connect with external devices. Surprisingly, this camcorder also allows you to perform direct editing through editing software.

You should admit that Panasonic SDR-H85K is one of leading model available on the horizon because as you can find the great features are packed and options that improve the quality of the video produced are worth to own. Even though it would take time for you to get used to with the controls, there are quite friendly-use.

It is obvious that the great value of memory storage is also one thing you cannot live without. It allows you to store as many video files and pictures as possible and you will still have more spaces to store more videos files before you transfer them to PC. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase low price camcorder, Panasonic SDR-H85K can be the right choice you put into the list.


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