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With the growth of Internet technologies the traditional teaching/learning process has drastically change. As we live in a tech savvy world even a toddler is capable of handling digital devices (smart phones, laptops etc) and play interactively with variety of software. Sheppard software is one of the good examples which illustrates how internet technology can be used to teach subject matters through playing online activities. Hence child learns subject matters through fun filled activities without getting a burden on his head. Infact parents, teachers do not have to pressurize the child to study using traditional text books as Sheppard software provides a great platform to teach the subject matters in a very interesting manner.

There are many activities embedded in a Sheppard software platform. Users can visit the following Sheppard software website and browse ample of online activities which suits the requirements of the learner.

A Sheppard software is featured with many learning materials and information through virtual activities. Usually a Sheppard web site consist of many categories which include interactive learning activities as below.

  • To explore about different countries in the world
  • To learn mathematics concepts
  • To learn English alphabet, grammar, new words, synonyms
  • To find out basics of Science fundamentals
  • To explore about the animal kingdom
  • To learn more about the Geography of countries
  • To learn more about nutrients and good dieting habits
  • To find out the Historical facts
  • To improve the artistic skills through drawing, painting activities
  • To engage with brain teasers such as jigsaw puzzels and quizzes

Indeed the children love to spend time with Sheppard software as they are embedded with child friendly animation and sound effects. It is easy to start with Sheppard software as each and every instruction is narrated with age appropriate animations and the child will be guided throughout. The user simply need to select the category and proceed further. Based on the completion of the each category of the Sheppard Software activity, child will be taken to the higher levels. Hence the parents and teachers can monitor the progress of the child while engage with the game. Shepard software can be used not only at home, but also teachers can incorporate these activities in their curriculum to deliver the subject concepts effectively.  Food Chain Game, Mouse Trap, USA states level 1, Paint and Make and Seasons are considered as the most popular games in Sheppard software.

Another pivotal aspect of Sheppard Software is the child friendly online safe environment. Sheppard software is freely available. Also they offer a No ads (free of ads) solutions for those who do not wish to appear online ads while the child engage with Sheppard software.  With cost effective annual subscriptions users can select the suitable No Ads versions and use the Sheppard software without any fear.

Sheppard software is popular not only among the Kindergarten students, but also among the elementary, middle school, college students and adults. They can select Advance versions of the online activities and involve themselves to learn with fun. Regardless of the age, the Sheppard software provides greater learning opportunities filled with enthralling multimedia effects which grabs the attention of the learner.








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